The System Works- Why Change It?

Learn more about why this issue is important, and join us in the fight to keep liquor sales local.

Why Keep it Local?

North Carolina has one of the best, most efficient liquor sales systems in the country. Local ABC Boards provide a sales environment that is safe and helps local cities and towns with revenues to invest back into local needs.

The Case

Stand With Us

North Carolina’s ABC system appropriately balances consumer access, control, and revenue. North Carolina has one of the lowest liquor consumption rates in the country. Privatizing liquor sales likely results in an excessive number of liquor outlets, making it more available for those who need it the least: minors and irresponsible drinkers. Our system works. Help us keep it local!

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All You Need to Know

North Carolina is one of 17 states that “control” the sale of liquor by directly engaging in the sale of liquor. All such states exercise control over wholesale distribution. Twelve of the control states also exercise control over retail sales for off-premises consumption, including North Carolina and Virginia.


Survey Says: Keep it Local

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